Top 5 Myths about VPS Hosting

If you are investing in VPS hosting for the first time, it pays to understand the basics. It’s also important to avoid falling for common myths and misconceptions that can affect your decision making. Here are a few common myths about VPS servers, debunked.

1. VPS Hosting Servers Are Expensive

This is a lie. In the early days of VPS, more than a decade ago, this statement may well have been true. However, that’s no longer the case. Today, you can find affordable VPS hosting deals on the market. Some packages are only slightly more expensive than a shared hosting plan, for example. Expect to pay more if your business requires a premium VPS package that comes with the latest features. However, you can get the most basic packages at great prices. For more resources, the Cirrus hosting website may provide you with additional information.

2. VPS Hosting Is Only for Tech-Savvy Buyers

This is another common misconception about VPS hosting that has been making the rounds. There is no denying the fact that you need to acquire some technical knowledge to manage your VPS properly. However, you certainly don’t need to be a technical expert. Having basic knowledge about the technicalities will go a long way. The internet is saturated with tutorials to help in this regard as well. Add that to the support your host will give in this area, and you can see how managing your VPS will be easy. Many VPS servers come with user-friendly control panels, making the task even simpler.

Non-experts can also purchase VPS hosting packages without fear or worry by hiring reliable, affordable server management experts. By outsourcing, your host will handle everything on your behalf including security, updates, backups and server maintenance. Hire an expert to help you manage your VPS servers and relieve you of the stress.

3. VPS Servers and the Cloud Serve the Same Purpose

Again, this is not true. Both concepts are not interchangeable. The cloud is the overall space in which a VPS operates. Without the cloud, VPS servers can’t operate. However, they are not the same thing.

4. They’re Not Secure

If a shared hosting server is misconfigured, the odds are better that your critical data might be hacked. VPS hosting helps protect your data. It is, however, important to choose a host that uses extreme security measures to protect your vital information from spammers and hackers as well as other malicious threat actors. All in all, VPS servers are secure. However, the level of security depends on your chosen host. So, it’s important that you conduct diligent research.

5. Server Features Don’t Matter

When it comes to VPS hosting, it is imperative that you choose the right server spec that best suit your needs. It can mean the difference between a visitor leaving your website within the first few seconds and a visitor spending time to go through the content and eventually purchasing your product and/or service. Finding the right balance of storage, bandwidth and a host of other features that best fit your business needs matters. Do your research.

Hopefully, these few points have cleared up some common misconceptions about VPS hosting.

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