Jeff Bezos’s Personal Traits That All Employees Should Have

Many studies related to work behavioral assessments and the Predictive Index show the importance of employees having some personal traits or skills that are related to their job description. The business world has seen some big names make ridiculous amounts of money from investments and just pure genius in practice by coming up with some brilliant ideas that have people scrambling for certain products and services. When you look up the Forbes list of some of the wealthiest people on the planet, notice one thing that these people have in common is that they were, either the inventors of some new tech or products or services and they made good on these things. But these guys didn’t get to the point they are in on their own. Behind every successful man/woman, there is a team of hundreds, perhaps thousands of employees working in his/her business to make it grow and even become better.

Take Jeff Bezos, for example, the brainchild of Amazon, a business that has seen Jeff rise to the peak of success and even become the wealthiest man on the planet with a net worth of U.S. $106 billion. He became the richest man, thanks to the hike in the total Amazon shares on January 9, 2018.

Want to know how Jeff made it to where he is now? Well, easy. Jeff is a ruthless boss and a risk taker who doesn’t tolerate any complacency at any cost. But he is also a hopelessly romantic guy who wears his heat on his sleeves for what he believes in. Here are six traits and personalities that make Jeff the man he is and what has got him his wealth empire.

1. Knack for innovation

For one, Jeff has been into innovation for almost all his life. His hunger for wanting to always create something new is only escalating. He has the drive to always want to create something new and experimental.

2. Hardcore realist

The man is a realist who thinks and weighs all the probabilities and possibilities of events and outcomes. Take, for example, Amazon. Before he launched this world leading e-retailing website, he accepted the fact that the idea might fail and that everything would fall down the drain. He is well known to make decisions only after making his assessments on any idea.

3. Staunch experimentalist

For a man who believes in innovation, Jeff is one man who is constantly experimenting with technology and attempting to create something that compliments his desires.

4. Form a plan

Jeff quit his well-paying job and instead, opted to bet on the booming opportunities that the internet would provide. Surprisingly, Jeff never laid out any well-organized plan before taking such a big leap into the ‘unknown’. Instead, he only had a rough draft written before he set out on his quest to invest in the internet.

5. Risk taker

This is one personality trait that you will notice that most the most successful men/women on the planet have. Jeff is one such man, who is well known for his uncanny personality by taking high risks. The only difference between these super-rich folks and the other guys is that guys like Jeff take these risks in a calculated manner. And that is the one reason why guys like Jeff seem to get away with these risks every time they take them.

6. Generous for a good cause

Bezos believes in a good cause. As mentioned earlier, the man wears his heart on his sleeves. The man doesn’t shy away from any charity that he believes its cause is just.

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