Top 3 Facts You Must Know About Ontario Teacher Training

Do you want to be a teacher in Ontario? For you to teach in a publicly-funded school in Ontario, you require an Ontario teaching certificate from the Ontario College of Teachers. Becoming a teacher is a calling but for you to excel in the field, you ought to learn from professionals.

For you to get that teaching certificate, you must be in possession of an undergraduate degree in the STUDY of education from a recognized University. However, if you don’t have that degree, the University of Ontario offers a program in Bachelor of Education.

To get the certificate you have to contact the teacher’s college on their website. There are other requirements such as proficiency in the language that you will have to show during application.

1. About Ontario Teacher Training

The Ontario Teacher Training was established by the Government to serve and protect the interest of the public by certifying, governing and reinforcing the high-quality standards of the teaching profession.

The college serves the following functions;

• Giving of licenses to teachers.
• The setting of standards of practice and conduct for the teachers.
• Providing for the ongoing education of teachers.
• Investigating and Hearing of complaints from teachers.
• Offering teacher education programs.

Teachers in the publicly funded schools in Ontario must be individuals with a good understanding of the college. Many private schools also need their teachers to be members of the school.

2. The Teachers College Infrastructure

Construction began in the year 2004 to help teacher candidates make smooth movement from the faculty to the classrooms. The infrastructure is quite helpful in giving information about teaching strategies and priorities. There are also numerous workshops in the teacher’s college that aid in the teaching of various issues to students and educators.

In Ontario teachers college, the hiring of teachers and lecturers is done by the publicly funded school boards, the provincial education authority and private schools. Ontario has about seventy private schools which include about sixty English speaking and twelve French-speaking school boards. The Ontario, teacher training website, has a link directing you to several education jobs sites. More information can be found if you visit the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Education website.

3. Teacher Additional Qualification Courses

Teachers who hold an Ontario teaching training certificate may complete an in-service professional development program that leads to additional qualifications recognized by the Ontario College of Teachers.

The following teacher additional qualifcations in-service programs are available at Ontario’s faculties of education in some formats:

• One-session programs
• Three-session specialist programs
• One-session honor specialist programs

The Ontario College of Teachers may grant equal standing for some teacher additional qualifications if a teacher has fully completed comparable coursework at a faculty of education out of Ontario or as part of a graduate program in education.

Ontario teacher training college is the place to be. Make sure you visit their website for more information.

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